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November 3, 2015

Our Top 5 Favorite Walk-in Shower Ideas

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Bella Domicile Team

Beautiful and functional ways to make your shower a beautiful and functional oasis.

Unlike your basement game room or formal dining room, the shower is a part of your home you use every day. It’s also one of the places you’re free to wash the stresses and cares of the day away with no interruptions. We believe that your shower should be a beautiful and functional oasis, and here’s a few of our favorite walk-in shower ideas to get you on your way to relaxing, rejuvenating showers:

One of our favorite walk-in shower ideas is incorporating pebble floors to prevent slipping.

1. Pebble floors for maximum traction

By nature, walk-in showers come with a lot of floor space. Instead of going with a fabricated or tiled floor, try a pebble floor (pictured).

The smooth, slightly uneven pebbles will massage your feet while providing extra traction, and the grout lines between pebbles will create a natural drainage system so you’ll never have to deal with excess water on your shower floor. We love the way the earthy, organic look of floor pebbles set the tone for a calming and spa-like experience at home.

2. Custom niches for shower necessities

When you’re planning your dream shower, no basic shower caddy can truly do the trick. Instead of trying to cram bottles and razors into an unstable wall-hung unit, consider adding custom niches to your shower surrounds (pictured above).

This approach to shower storage is aesthetically pleasing, built for longevity, and entirely customizable. Add higher niches if you’re tall, and lower niches if children or petite folks will be using your shower. You can also decide how large or small you want the niche to be, depending on how many items you’re planning to store inside.

3. Corner seats for relaxation and more

Ladies, are you tired of trying to shave your legs with nowhere to put your foot? Corner seats offer an attractive and comfy alternative for those who have a hard time balancing on one leg in the shower, or for those who simply like to sit and steam for a few extra minutes (pictured).

4. Extra grab bars for comfort and stability

If you’re thinking of going with a corner seat in your walk-in shower, consider adding one or more grab bars. These handy hooks and handles provide assistance to pull yourself up from a seated position, so they’re perfect for those with limited mobility.

Best yet, modern grab bars are designed to look less like utility pieces and more like works of art, so you won’t need to worry about a bar marring the beauty of your new shower.

5. Luxury fixtures for a five-star shower experience

The most indulgent of our favorite walk-in shower ideas is luxury fixtures. Your spacious walk-in leaves a lot of room for creativity and extra gadgets, so consider adding a large rain showerhead, side shower, hand shower, or a variety of body sprays. You could even add a Bluetooth-enabled shower head to play soothing spa music while you’re sudsing up.

Now that you’re in the know when it comes in walk-in shower ideas, it might be time to start a custom shower project that takes your daily routine from “argh” to “ahhhh.”

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