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January 24, 2019

Cabinetry Isn't Just for the Kitchen - Powder Room

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Bella Domicile Team

Many of our posts focus on how our beautiful cabinetry can be used in the kitchen. However, cabinetry can be so much more than a way to store cutlery, cereal boxes, and dish towels! Many of our clients love to add custom cabinetry  to their spaces, especially in bathrooms. One of the spaces people don’t often think of using cabinetry is in the powder room.While bathrooms are a common spot to use cabinetry, one of the baths that can often be overlooked is the powder room. The powder room (a bathroom on the main level of the home without a tub or shower, intended for use by guests) sets the tone for your home just as much as the kitchen or living room, since it’s one of the few rooms guests may see. It’s also a place to have fun! Because the powder rooms are typically small, they’re great spaces to get creative with both storage and design. With a door that’s often closed they’re don’t have to be bound to any other room’s style, so you can experiment with something that could be scarier or cost-prohibitive to tackle in a larger space.

Basic sink/vanity

Many powder rooms are large enough for standard-size vanity cabinetry. And since you don’t need much - even an 18-inch cabinet will do in a small space - the powder room vanity can coordinate with the cabinetry in the rest of the house. It’s also a great spot to experiment with sink design. The small footprint of most powder baths make it a perfect spot for a vessel sink, which aren’t always practical for high-use bathroom areas. Or try a custom-poured solid surface sink (such as Corian). These are both beautiful and practical in their ease of cleaning.

Custom vanity

If you’re looking beyond a basic vanity, the powder bath is the place to experiment with a custom vanity setup. Whether an open series of shelving or just a few legs to support the countertop, the small footprint of a powder bath makes this a cost-effective area to try something customized to your space.


A powder bath typically doesn’t need much for storage, but it is nice to have a spot to store extra hand towels, toilet paper, and even small decor elements. This could be as simple as a floating shelf or a more elaborate wall unit.


Another way to liven up the space is to play with the walls. Adding custom paneling (on the entire wall) or wainscoting (paneling on part of the wall) is a great way to do this to coordinate with the rest of the space and home. Wall panels can be made to either coordinate or contrast with the cabinetry in the room. Wall paneling can also set the mood for your home; darker paneling gives the space a more sophisticated feel while white sets a lighter, brighter tone.

Beyond cabinetry

Besides any cabinetry in the space, the powder room is the spot to really go big in your home. It’s small size means the expensive tile you’ve been eyeing may actually be affordable, and not overly expensive  like it could be in a much larger space. Another fun choice for the powder room is wallpaper. With no lingering moisture from a shower or bath, wallpaper is a natural - and fun - choice for this space and can make a big impact.Have a powder bath or other bathroom that could use some livening up? Contact Bella Domicile to meet with one of our talented designers today! Call (608) 271-8241 or fill out an appointment request form here.

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