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July 6, 2023

A Streamlined Bathroom

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Bella Domicile Team

Project Scope

We can probably all relate to an outdated bathroom in need of an update. This client wanted to upgrade their blah, builder-grade bathroom cabinets and rejuvenate the entire room. They also needed help making their bathroom work for them, which meant getting rid of an oversized, underused whirlpool tub.

The end result is an updated, modern space that feels like it actually belongs to its owners—and to the year 2023! The white countertops, straight-grain oak cabinetry, and smooth, neutral tiles all work together to create a fresh, calming space.


An L-Shaped Room

This primary bathroom presented some interesting challenges due to its L-shaped layout. Our designer, Dondi Szombatfalvy, relocated the shower from its dead-end location at one end of the L. Instead, the spa tub was removed to make room for a larger, walk-in shower, which was one of the client’s top priorities. The old shower area became a custom closet space. The area now has a purpose, instead of feeling disconnected from the rest of the bathroom. The new shower feels integrated with the rest of the room, instead of like a lonely afterthought.


Dondi hid visual clutter in the new shower by cleverly hiding the controls and a storage niche behind a wall, which can only be seen from inside the shower itself. Anyone looking in the doorway wouldn’t even know these things existed.Beyond the L-shape itself, this bathroom is all about lines. You can see it in everything from the cabinetry finish, to the tile design in the shower, to the mirrors above the vanity. Everything feels streamlined and modern due to the way these lines interact with each other.

Shower Tile Design

Interesting Features

Because this bathroom renovation was done in a condo unit, the clients couldn’t have the zero-threshold shower they envisioned, since they couldn’t touch the subfloor. Instead, the tile installer created a custom threshold with a slight slope at the entry. The tile installer also hand-cut each piece of tile to ensure all of the grout lines were aligned in the shower—a detail that’s easy to miss, but adds to the sleek feel of the room.

Custom Shower Threshold

Custom Shower Threshold[/caption]Dondi and the clients also incorporated some interesting lighting features. The wall-hung vanity is lit underneath. And the mirrors above the vanities have integrated LED lights, like built-in makeup mirrors.The cabinetry itself features some unique storage pull-outs. They’re designed to go around the sink while maximizing the storage of the interior cabinet space. They were custom-built not only to go around the sink, but for the wall-hung vanity itself.

Interior Storage

This condo primary bath remodel helped the clients gain storage and functionality by removing an unused tub,  adding a closet and cabinetry storage and installing a custom shower.Are you in need of a bathroom remodel?

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