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April 23, 2022

5 Reasons To Work with A Kitchen Designer

Written by
Bella Domicile Team

Choosing to remodel your kitchen is a big decision that leads to dozens of questions. What kind of design style do I like? Can I find a better way to store spices/pans/storage containers? Should I make major changes to the layout? And the biggest question of all: How will this all get done? While some kitchen updates can be relatively simple, such as switching out appliances or lighting, going much beyond that can get complicated, fast. It should be no surprise that here at Bella Domicile, our designers are a vital part of the remodeling process! A great designer brings so much more to the table than design skills alone.Here are five key reasons you should work with a knowledgeable designer on your own kitchen remodel.

They help you stick to your budget.

A kitchen remodel is already a big expense. Almost everything is a big-ticket item, from cabinets to countertops to appliances. Doing it without a kitchen designer might seem like a cost-saving measure, especially if you’re on a strict budget. Right? Well…While a kitchen designer is an added expense, they can help you save money on your project overall. Our designers are informed and transparent about product and material costs. They can help you figure out and stick to your budget priorities—say, by helping you invest in cabinetry by choosing a less expensive countertop. And they can help you avoid pricey surprises and extras that can pop up along the way.

Even small remodels are a whole thing.

A kitchen is a complicated space to tackle. There are cabinets, countertops, plumbing, electrical and/or gas components, flooring, tile, and more. That’s a lot of moving parts, pieces, and contractors to coordinate! A kitchen designer is skilled at knowing the timing for each step of the process.And while pulling a designer in for a large project might feel obvious, small kitchens have an almost greater need for a designer’s expertise. Every fraction of an inch counts in a small space, and mistakes can have even larger consequences. Designing and ordering each piece to precise specifications is essential for the success of the entire project.

Project management is part of the deal.

All those moving parts and pieces above? Our designers coordinate each step of the project. They handle everything from combing through appliance spec books to calculating the amount of square footage for tile. They have trade and industry contacts they can go to with questions, and who they trust to perform their work dependably and skillfully. And when issues arise, like a scratched cabinet or missing parts, they’re able to easily contact industry reps to put things right.

They know both form and function.

You need your kitchen to not only look pretty but also to function for your life! While a kitchen designer knows the latest trends, equally important is designing a space that works for your life stage, home, and general needs.Our designers know kitchens because they work with them every single day. You might have some ideas on how your kitchen can work better for you. They can take those ideas to the next level, by helping you execute them with the latest storage solutions and technology. They know how to make the most of every last inch of your kitchen, whether large or small.

They do this every day.

For most people, a kitchen remodel is maybe a once or twice-in-a-lifetime event. Unlike buying new furniture or painting a room, kitchens simply don’t get flipped that often. This makes it unfamiliar territory for most people.But our designers work with kitchen remodels every single day! They can anticipate your questions, fears, and concerns. We have processes in place to help the entire project go as smoothly as possible, from your initial consultation to project completion.

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