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May 25, 2023

The Ultimate Cook’s and Entertainer’s Kitchen

Written by
Bella Domicile Team

Project Scope

This client took an already spacious home to the next level by reconfiguring much of the main floor, as well as constructing a two-story addition on their home. They looked to our Lead Sales Designer, Dondi Szombatfalvy, to help them focus on the kitchen. The space was reconfigured to take over the existing living and dining areas and included the addition of a butler’s pantry. With a large extended family and a love of cooking, their core desire was to host seamless and connected gatherings.The kitchen is appointed with cutting-edge appliance technology, ample space for multiple cooks, and all types of entertaining apparatuses. It is the ultimate cook’s and entertainer’s kitchen.This project became complicated when the Covid-19 pandemic shut down the globe. It began pre-pandemic and managed to be completed in the midst of lockdowns and material shortages. The client was isolated in their home even during a major renovation! Some of the project had to be re-considered as materials were delayed or scarce.

Taking Customization To The Next Level

The focal point of this kitchen is not one, not two, but three ten-foot islands. These massive islands provide ample space for entertaining, prep, and clean-up. The islands also store items where they will actually be used, such as the third island being used to store dishes that are seasonal or for entertaining.

Great care was taken to seamlessly integrate the appliances into the space. This is especially seen in a wall featuring a six-foot stretch of refrigeration. Not only are the appliances themselves hidden, but they sit flush with the walls, beams, and pantry cabinetry. This required careful coordination between the client, Dondi, and the contractor.

The main prep and cooking area sits perpendicular to a specialized clean-up zone. In the main area, a five-foot Galley WorkStation sits across from a 36-inch induction cooktop and steam oven. Tall storage units frame one of the many large windows of the space and a secondary sink. These cabinets feature specialized doors and roll-out storage for easy access. There are also multiple dishwashers to handle the kind of high-volume entertaining this couple loves to host

Interesting Features

Because of the large windows and multiple islands, no wall cabinets were used in this project. A rarity in kitchen design!

Because of the layout and open views, the fireplace and television can be seen from all areas.The integrated wood ceiling and beam structure help set apart the kitchen from the rest of the wide-open space and helps to frame it separate from the rest of the main floor.

Repurposing The Old Cabinetry

The butler’s pantry was designed to repurpose the existing kitchen cabinets. Some panels and moldings were color-matched to the existing cabinetry for flawless installation. The double ovens were relocated to this space since these appliances are used less frequently. A bar sink and faucet are a great addition for easy and convenient cleanup when needed.

Bella Domicile is excited to share this incredible kitchen remodel with you. Please give us a call at 608-271-8241 to start your project.

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