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October 16, 2018

Cabinetry Isn't Just for the Kitchen - Mudrooms

Written by
Bella Domicile Team

Many of our posts focus on how our beautiful cabinetry can be used in kitchen and bathroom spaces. However cabinetry can be so much more than a way to store cutlery in the kitchen and bath towels in the bathroom! Many of our clients love to add built-ins to their spaces, whether as bookshelves, fireplace mantles, window seats, or general storage areas. One of the most popular places in the home to utilize cabinetry pieces is in the mudroom.The mudroom is the real workhorse of the house. Depending on the the space, it can be home to everything from rainboots to coats to backpacks to desks to the laundry room. Too often this area can become a “drop space”: a spot where shoes, backpacks, homework, and sports equipment get dropped and forgotten until the next person to walk in trips over them. A cabinet system in the mudroom can really help get things up and off the floor — more organization, less clutter! With the back-to-school transition well underway and winter right around the corner, it’s the perfect time to re-think this high-traffic space.

Everyday Items

For the everyday items such as keys, jackets, backpacks, and shoes, a locker system is where it’s at. Add hooks, hooks, and more hooks to hang backpacks, purses, keys, and the jacket each family member uses most often. Bins and baskets help contain hats, shoes, and mittens. And a bench is a great spot to sit while putting on shoes or to set things down as you’re dashing out the door.


Often the mudroom either is the laundry room itself or is adjacent to one, meaning piles of clothes can gather here. If you have a washer and dryer in your mudroom, consider adding a shelf or two above to store detergent, stain removers, dryer sheet, etc.. If you have the space for larger storage shelves, consider adding large spots to store baskets of each family member’s dirty or clean laundry. Add a sink if there is space for a small laundry tub, and you can rinse out stains and get items ready to wash without ever leaving the mudroom.

Office or Homework Space

If you have the space, the mudroom is a great spot for a small workspace. Often just off the kitchen, this space is close enough for homework help or convenient paper storage without cluttering up the kitchen area. Consider a small workspace with enough room for a laptop, printer, paper, and mail storage. Overhead shelves or cabinets can hold extra office supplies.

Pantry Storage

The mudroom is often overflow storage for the kitchen, storing everything from jumbo rolls of paper towels to cans of beans. Adding a tall pantry cabinet here - whether with a door or open shelving - helps to corral everything away from the boots, books, backpacks, and laundry.

For Small Spaces

Whether your mudroom space is tiny or even nonexistent, consider where you can add this type of storage in. Is there an open wall near the front door where you can add some hooks? Is it wide enough for a bench or small section of cabinetry? Since we carry lines of custom cabinetry, we can create a piece to fit just about any space!Have a mudroom, big or small, that you’re itching to remodel? Contact Bella Domicile to meet with one of our talented designers today! Call (608) 271-8241 or fill out an appointment request form here.

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