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Interior Cabinet Accessories

Adding cabinet accessories to your kitchen project is one of the easiest ways to personalize your own kitchen. There are many different storage options for everything from spices to silverware to best fit each family’s space and lifestyle. But with so many options, it can be hard to determine what could best be utilized in your own home. Below we’ve broken down some of the storage solutions by category, including some of our favorites from this year’s KBIS show.

So What Is KBIS?

If you follow Bella Domicile on Facebook or Instagram, you’ll know we recently attended KBIS (pronounced “k-biz” to those in the industry). KBIS stands for the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show. It is the only trade event and conference in the kitchen and bath industry to focus exclusively on all things related to residential kitchen and bath design.

Appealing to Generation Y Home Buyers

When putting your home on the market, appealing to potential buyers - any buyers - is of utmost importance. Presenting your home in a way that shows it has been well-cared for and updated over the years are things that anyone walking through will notice. Fresh paint, new countertops, or updated flooring are things a buyer of any age can appreciate. There are, however, things that can be done to appeal to a younger generation in particular, those in Generation Y (aka Millennials).


What Is Contemporary Design?

The term contemporary can seem like a buzzword thrown around these days, especially in the design world. Contemporary? What does that even mean? Is it any different from modern? And how does it differ from traditional design?


It may seem like the term “contemporary” to describe design styles has been around for a while, because, well, it has. Contemporary design is ever-changing, encompassing the trends of the moment.



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