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Kitchen Cabinet Accessories

Adding cabinet accessories to your kitchen project is one of the easiest ways to personalize your own kitchen. There are many different storage options for everything from spices to silverware to best fit each family’s space and lifestyle. But with so many options, it can be hard to determine what could best be utilized in your own home. Below we’ve broken down some of the storage solutions by category, including some of our favorites from this year’s KBIS show. Read on to discover some of the things that could help organize your own space!


Corner Cabinets

Corner cabinets are some of the trickiest spots to organize. We often refer to them as the “black holes” of the kitchen. Yet there are some truly innovative solutions out there to keep everything organized and easily accessible.


  • Lazy Susans are the traditional solution for corner cabinets. They swivel within the cabinet to help bring everything to you, instead of getting lost in the back corner.
  • Swing-out shelves are even more convenient, since they bring the entire cabinet’s contents out to you. This often involves a shelf attached to the back of the door, followed by another interior shelf that swings out behind the first.
  • Pivot shelves are another option that completely glide and pivot out of the cabinet to again gain full access to items stored in the deepest corners.


Pots, Pans, and Bakeware

These are some of the trickiest items to store, because of their overall size and bulk. And those lids! Fortunately there are some storage solutions to keep everything tucked away and in its place.


  • One of our favorite ideas at KBIS was a corner cabinet Lazy Susan built specifically for pots and pans! Pans hang from above while pots and lids sit below, and everything is just a spin away from being within reach.
  • Another option is a large pull-out shelf with a smaller pull-out shelf just above. Store the lids on top and the pots and pans below.
  • For bulky pizza pans and cookie sheets, try a vertical storage solution. Dura Supreme offers a tray divider pull-out that not only frees up space by storing baking trays upright, but also offers easy pull-out access.


Dishes and Silverware

Dish and silverware storage each present their own unique challenges. Stacking dishes up high can be inconvenient for shorter people and silverware only stays organized so long before sliding around an entire drawer.

  • Storing bowls and dishware in a drawer is a great way to bring storage to a more manageable height. There are options to safely store an entire set of dishes by stacking or resting vertically.
  • Integrated drawer partitions are the best way to store silverware and other cooking utensils. There are options that are both stationary and movable. If a drawer is large enough, there is even the opportunity to integrate knife storage in the drawer to free up counter space from that knife block.


Miscellaneous Storage

We’ve just barely dived into all of the storage options available. Here are a few of our other favorites.

  • If you haven’t noticed, we’re a fan of pull-outs for just about everything. Anything that prevents us from losing things to the back of our cabinets makes our lives just a little bit easier! Our clients use these to store everything from cereal to collections of bakeware.
  • Another use of pull-outs is for the trash and recycling. We’re convinced every kitchen should have one of these!
  • Another ingenious thing we saw at KBIS was the use of outlets in drawers. A dedicated spot for technology storage with a built-in charging station seems essential these days.

One last thought — and the thing that made our jaws drop the most at KBIS — was the use of technology. There are so many ways to simply open a cabinet now, without the use of your hand! We saw touch-to-open closet doors, pantries that open and pull out their entire contents at the touch of a fingertip, and cabinet doors that open with the touch of your toe. We were impressed, and us Bella Domicile staffers are now coveting these for our own homes!

Let us help you determine which storage accessories would best fit your own life. Contact Bella Domicile to meet with one of our talented designers and begin your own kitchen remodel today! Call (608) 271-8241 or fill out an appointment request form here.

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