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Bella Domicile Participates in Local Charity Makeover

In 2016, we were excited to partner with Design for a Difference Madison to assist a local nonprofit called The Rainbow Project. Design for a Difference was founded by the International Design Guild as the first ever community-driven design movement that brings together local showrooms, designers, and businesses to makeover much needed spaces for local charities. Bella Domicile worked with the head of the Madison chapter, Floor 360, along with 33 other designers, 29 students from UW-Madison, and over 200 local business to tackle the space for The Rainbow Project.


Last year’s recipient, The Rainbow Project, is a child and family counseling and resource clinic for families with young children. These families have all experienced some form of trauma, whether child abuse, community violence, or exposure to serious accidents and natural disasters. The Rainbow Project recently celebrated their 36th anniversary and has helped over 10,800 children in that time.


The 12-room makeover project was completed over a nine day period and over 200 people were involved in the process. Each of the rooms had a team that was in charge of its design and completion. Bella Domicile took over two rooms as a part of the remodel, which involved a lot of prep work before the construction even began: ensuring that materials were ordered and on-site, lining up laborers from painters to carpenters, and creating a strict timeline of what was going to happen on what day and at what time.


This year, we are excited to partner again with Design for a Difference Madison! The recipient for 2017 is Centro Hispano of Dane County. Centro Hispano was founded in 1983 as a way to meet the immediate needs of Cuban refugees recently settled in Madison. As the Latino community in Madison has continued to grow and diversify, so have Centro Hispano’s role and services. In 2006 they became the owner of an 18,000 square foot building on Madison’s south side. They currently provide a variety of programs to 2500 families each year in the Madison area.


We are in the early phases of this year’s project, and we are in need of donations! Both financial and material resources are needed to help complete this year’s project and give Centro Hispano a beautiful space in which to do their important work. If you are able to make a donation, please contact Abbey  at or at (608) 442-4105. We are excited for this year’s project and need help to give them the beautiful space they deserve!

For more information about the Rainbow Project go to or call the Referral Coordinator at (608) 255-7356 ext. 316.


For more information about Centro Hispano, go to or call (608) 255-3018.


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