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About Us

Discerning homeowners in South Central Wisconsin have been turning to Bella Domicile for over 50 years for award-winning kitchens and baths, for quality cabinets that provide a multitude of storage solutions, and for remodeling projects that improve function with furniture- grade cabinets in any room.

We Listen -  At Bella Domicile, it's not about us- having your dream kitchen (or any room) means we first learn about you.

We Oversee -  We make it simple for you so you don't have to jump through hoops when planning your project.

We Value Your Time -  We are assuming your plate is already full; we will keep the ball rolling and let you know what to expect.

All Within Your Reach - We have different cabinetry options that can fit within your budgetary guidelines.

At Bella Domicile, our name means Beautiful Home.


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